HVAC Financing Solutions

Chances are you weren’t expecting to make an HVAC purchase and most families don’t have $5,000.00 or more on hand for this type of expense. This is where financing can benefit you. Not only is financing a great option for when you have an emergency expense, but also for when it makes sense to use your financial reserves for something else.

Option 1: Wells Fargo Financing

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Option 2: Microf Financing

Microf offers hassle-free financing for all your heating/cooling needs so you do not have to access your existing funding sources like your home equity line, credit card, or bank account.

Benefits of the Microf program include:

  • No down payment required
  • Quick response times (usually within 24 hours) upon receipt of your completed application
  • Monthly payment discounts and early purchase options available

Why is Microf financing a great choice?

  • You’re more than a credit score, we look at your overall financial picture.
  • There are no prepayment penalties.
  • No default rate for missed payments or after a differed interest period has expired.
  • Simple paperwork.
  • Automated response to credit applications.
  • Online/auto payment options with no charge.