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If you’re considering the installation of a heat pump, or in need of service for your current system, the experts from Hartwick Heating & Air Conditioning provide affordable, quality, and lasting solutions to your residential comfort.  Know that we answer your call with friendly and knowledgeable assistance that carries over through every facet of the job.  Let us eliminate the frustration, lengthy wait times, and confusion that too often goes hand in hand with HVAC service.  By working to a higher level of professionalism, Hartwick Heating & Air Conditioning delivers the conscientious service that satisfies customers across Nassau, Duval, Clay & St. Johns Counties and makes us their leading choice for temperature control.

Enjoy the benefits of a modern heat pump installation!
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Heat pumps provide everything you need to maintain a perfectly comfortable home, no matter what the weather brings.  During the brutal heat and humidity of summer, the heat pump functions as an effective air conditioner, transferring heat out of the house and conserving energy.  When heating is required, the heat pump absorbs warmth from the outside atmosphere or ground, multiplies it, and then supplies it to the home, operating more efficiently than other heating systems. According to the US Department of Energy, air-source heat pumps supply twice as much heating and cooling capacity than the amount of electrical energy required to run it.  Geothermal heat pumps achieve a 400% efficiency rating, providing four units of energy for every unit of electrical energy.  Modern advancements in technology have made heat pumps the most efficient option, when compared to fuel, oil, and electric heating and cooling systems.  Convenient, cost-effective, and reliable, a modern heat pump significantly adds value to your home and improves your comfort.

In an ongoing effort to bring our customers the most rewarding options in residential heating and cooling, Hartwick Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in Bryant brand products.  The Evolution Variable-Speed Heat Pump achieves up to 18 SEER in cooling mode, up to 11 HSPF in heating mode, and sound levels down to 55 decibels. Taking advantage of inverter technology and a rotary compressor, this compact but powerful heat pump offers five stages of variable-speed operation, down to 25% capacity for superior temperature control.  Because variable-speed heat pumps cool the home at a lower capacity during a longer cycle, it removes more moisture from the air for effective dehumidification.  Your home will feel cooler when humidity is maintained at ideal levels, allowing a higher thermostat setting during the summer.  With a proven track record of reliability, efficiency, and longevity, Bryant offers a wide selection of effective heat pumps to answer the most challenging demand.  The team of specialists from Hartwick Heating & Air Conditioning are always happy to work with you to determine the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Get top quality service and value for your heat pump with repairs, service, and installations from Hartwick Heating & Air Conditioning!Heat Pump Repair Company in St. Augustine FL, St Augustine Beach FL, Crescent Beach FL, Butler Beach FL, Vilano Beach FL, Ponte Vedra FL, South Ponte Vedra FL, World Golf Village FL, Nocatee FL, Hastings FL, Ponte Vedra Beach FL, Neptune Beach FL, Jacksonville Beach FL, Saint Augustine Shores FL

Accurate installation of a high-efficiency heat pump requires considerable technical expertise and specialized tools.  Precision wiring must be completed to ensure the system works properly.  Trust that when you contact Hartwick Heating & Air Conditioning for heat pump installation or service, we protect your investment with skilled, knowledgeable, and conscientious workmanship.  Drawing from extensive hands-on experience, updated training, and state-of-the-art equipment, we handle your project with unfailing professionalism.  Contact us at 904-347-2929 and find out why homeowners in the area count on Hartwick Heating & Air Conditioning for their complete comfort solutions.

Some of the benefits of heat pump installation from Hartwick Heating & Air Conditioning include:

  • Quick turnaround and accurate start-to-finish completion of even the most complex projects
  • Professional, uniformed technicians provide detailed and cost-effective recommendations
  • Heat pumps answer both the heating and cooling needs of the home for year round comfort
  • An electric heat pump nearly doubles the energy consumed
  • Does not overly dry the air during the heating season, eliminating the need for a humidifier
  • Heat pumps are cleaner and quieter than traditional HVAC systems
  • Avoid the dangers associated with combustion, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, and fumes
  • While a heat pump is more costly to install than a standard HVAC system, the savings on energy bills, month after month, quickly balances out the initial investment
  • Electrically fueled heat pumps do not pollute the environment
  • Provide uniform temperatures, avoiding the uncomfortable fluctuations associated with other types of HVAC systems
  • Because the air compressor is usually located outside, noise levels are kept low
  • Require less maintenance than combustion heating systems.

“Mark go to our house and evaluated the issue very quickly. We had our air running again in no time.
Thanks Mark and Hartwick.
Awesome Work!!”

– Dean Thompson

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